The world’s first metaverse virtual star project: Starlink Project

It is reported that the Starlink project has recently attracted the attention of many top capital investment institutions such as Goldman Sachs, and has also been sought after by Musk, Changpeng Zhao and many celebrities. What is the charm of Starlink SLK?

STARLINK PLAN ( SLK ), the Starlink Plan is a Metaverse project co-founded by Upfluence, NoxInfluencer and other global first-line Internet media companies. And also enjoy all intellectual property rights of artists. Recently, the Starlink project has obtained a US financial license, and has received tens of millions of dollars in investment from capital institutions such as Goldman Sachs. Next, it will promote the development of the global virtual human universe.

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In order to quickly promote the implementation of the Starlink project, 1 billion SLKs are specially issued to stimulate the global market, so that all fans, participants, evangelists, metaverse co-builders, etc. can use a small amount of SLK to purchase ” Artist Time”, chat with stars, endorse, take pictures, play games, hold concerts, etc., share private space with stars, let stars make money for us, earn money while playing, and can also build various cinemas, concerts, houses , automobiles, chat platforms, supermarkets and other scenarios to achieve various physical business empowerment, and the value of hundreds of millions in the future is immeasurable.

The Starlink project itself is also jointly created by the world’s top Internet media companies. Currently, there are already traffic resources such as Yi Nengjing, Lin Junjie, Pan, and various Internet celebrities, and it has also been participated by giants such as Musk and Zhao Changpeng. Traffic fans, once they get involved in new fields and continue to publicize, they will inevitably quickly introduce tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of data. The Starlink project will become the industry’s leader in creating a virtual human metaverse world.


Not only that, Starlink plans to restore the artist 1:1 to the virtual human universe world through the world’s top technology, and will also cooperate with various IP brands, supply chain merchants, game developers, operators, and various industry advertisements Merchants and others intervene to form a huge traffic value and profit market. In the future, all SLK holders and owners of the Starlink treasure box will enjoy billions of wealth. Currently, those who win the Starlink treasure box will win the world and have the most SLK chips. And next, SLK will be launched on Binance Exchange, Ouyi Exchange, Zhima Kaimen Exchange, Coinbase Exchange and other top exchanges in the world. The listing time will continue to be launched on hundreds of trading platforms in the next 1-2 months , the market heat and publicity capabilities will be unstoppable.



Now is the initial stage of the Starlink project. In order to recruit more outstanding community leaders, we are recruiting metaverse star NFT brokers from all over the world, so that you can have all the resources of stars, entertainers, and Internet celebrities in the world, and enjoy the first stage of virtual human metaverse in advance. A wave of dividends, so all excellent evangelists, hurry up and seize the opportunity. There are only 10,000 Starlink treasure boxes in the world. At present, tens of thousands of traffic is about to pour in, and the treasure boxes will be swept away. In Starlink, only 50U is needed. You can have a unique treasure box, let us play with the capital market with a small blog , and the star link will airdrop 1 million US dollars to market development, and the huge bonus opportunity should not be missed. The value of SLK has soared by more than a hundred times. When the opportunity comes, you must grasp it. The gear of the times has started, and the bonus of the metaverse has arrived. Let the Starlink Project SLK take you to enjoy the feast of trends.


The battle for the metaverse is raging, and the new trend track is unstoppable. After FACEBOOK, Microsoft, Nike, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, Ali, and ByteDance have deployed the metaverse, Musk, Changpeng Zhao, JJ Lin, Jay Chou and other top giants have also entered the metaverse. market, and harvested a billion-level market.


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With the global population of more than 7 billion, the needs of hundreds of millions of fans, tens of thousands of top stars, entertainers, Internet celebrity resources, and the world’s top capital, institutions, technology, resource channels, etc., Starlink plans to lead us into the virtual human universe, An era of web3 combined with the metaverse was born. What are you waiting for!


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