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The full name of DeFi is Decentralized Finance, also known as open finance.

The main goal of DeFi is to build a banking and monetary system without permission. Everyone can conduct financial activities anytime and anywhere, which is considered by many experts as a “new financial revolution”. At the same time, “meta universe” has undoubtedly become the latest buzzword to attract the imagination of the technology industry. Zuckerberg renamed one of the most famous Internet platforms “meta universe”, which is considered to be his embrace of the concept of futurism.

Chiliz Chain has deployed the sports sector one year ahead of the World Cup. It can be seen from this that DeFi will soon become the core financial track, the decentralized trading platform (DEX) can not be ignored, and DEX will become the most competitive track in DeFi. Although Bitfinex, Binance, Coinbase and other centralized exchanges maintain an important leading position in the trading market. However, these traditional centralized exchanges are often questioned due to the non disclosure and non transparency of trading data. Therefore, DEX can not be ignored. DEX will break the traditional centralized financial monopoly and will belong to the development of DEX in the future.

The proud team of DEX New World


In 2022, Yale University invested in Peace plan DAC to further expand the meta universe and NFT business layout based on digital IP.

The Peace plan DAC is an integrated platform of DeFi3.0+NFT+Swap+DAC+Web3.0+parallel space+mining algorithm+ecological destruction and empowerment. The Peace plan DAC is jointly developed by PPC Technology Foundation, Pantera Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Currency Group and other venture capital funds. The team members come from the world’s top blockchain talents at home and abroad. They are all early explorers with rich experience in the industry and have successfully participated in ERC20 token and ERC1155 standard blockchain construction projects, FairyLand laboratory, a PPC technical team, is a scientific research team jointly established by Maniel Larimer and academics/industry. Since its establishment, the laboratory has been committed to the research and development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, meta universe, complex networks, network computing, and other directions. The laboratory is committed to the research and development of meta universe, blockchain and other vertical and horizontal topics.


The Peace Plan DAC operates according to the DAC mechanism. The Decentralized Autonomous Corporation is a kind of DAO, which is characterized by a mechanism for accepting dividends and tradable shares. All operations are distributed by dividends. The DAC is decentralized, and no one or organization can control the entire DAC. This feature determines the life of the Peace Plan DAC and the DAC system, Faced with the rapid changes in the market environment and consumer consumption patterns, the Peace plan DAC (PPC) is actively deploying digital businesses, such as the development of virtual IP based meta universe business, DeFi3.0, NFT business involving games, art, entertainment and other fields.

The reason why the platform is popular compared with the centralized system

  1. The security of the PPC platform is locked for the mobile ore pool, and the ownership of the smart contract is transferred to the DAO community autonomous organization on the date of issuance.

  2. No third party intervention is required, which saves manpower, and enables direct point-to-point interaction with autonomy and efficiency.

  3. Decentralized transaction has no central node to attack. It is simple and convenient, and can process massive data at the same time, saving operation resources.

  4. The DAC community built by coin users drives development, accepts the dividend mechanism and tradable shares, and information is shared on the premise of ensuring privacy and security.

Since its operation, many ecological products related to the Peace plan DAC have been launched on the test network. In addition, some NFT markets have been established on the network and have been launched on the test network. In order to improve the early Defi ecosystem, some other ecosystems have attracted people’s attention and received cooperation and intervention from many communities. The following is a partial list of cooperation for the purpose of building projects.

Core technology advantages of Peace plan DAC

1: Decentralized system management

As a decentralized platform, PPC is supported by a completely transparent decentralized system. All decisions in the platform are based on the referendum decisions of the certificate holder, and all technology updates are publicized by the technology community. This completely decentralized management system will avoid the disadvantages of centralized management of traditional institutions. It provides an excellent solution to the problems of centralized management dictatorship, tampering with data and making decisions on the direction of the group independently.

2: Multi language support

As a global international trading platform, it will serve most global users who support digital asset trading in the future. At the initial stage of launch, it will support Chinese and English. Later, it will complete support for Russian, Korean and other languages. During product and technical design, it has made preparations for multilingualism. During design and implementation, it will make language resource files into configurable versions. For example, managing the background, placing orders, matchmaking, and user systems to ensure rapid expansion and capacity expansion.

3: High throughput and concurrency

PPC has gathered a large number of high-end talents, who have experienced many years of high concurrency business practice tests, and have a very deep understanding of the application of distributed systems. By making full use of CDN, cache, memory matching and other technical means, the overall performance has been improved, and the user experience has been optimized to the maximum limit. In terms of ensuring the throughput and expansion of the system, the responsive architecture design has been adopted, and the matching engine has also been optimized and improved for many times, so the matching performance is quite superior.

科技新品发布企业机构公众号首图 (1)

The Peace Plan DAC is the first Swap to create stable NFT circulation transaction value, which solves the circulation pain point of NFT transaction market flow difference and NFT holder’s valuable but not market. Users can earn stable income by participating in NFT transactions and accelerate the deflation and destruction of PPC, which leads to the rapid reduction of PPC circulation and the increase of value, making TOKEN holders and NFT collectors benefit together.

Team ecosystem deployment

In addition, PPC will also open the ecosystem platform, so that users can access online at any time and participate in the ecological development of PPC. In the future, the system will also have OTC merchant services, Web3.0 seamless social networking, DAC ecological aggregation governance, DEFI3.0, fun games, diversified NFT transaction scenarios, GameFi, Metauniverse, creating Token+IDO+traffic support, etc. The platform is planned to go online on October 22, 2022, according to the officially disclosed data, As a virtual platform providing NFT trading and social space for players and traders, the Peace plan DAC is mainly aimed at loving blockchain players, web3.0 and physical groups. In the future, it will cooperate with other sectors, including limited edition music, NFT collections, chain game manufacturers, and web3 communities. At the same time, it will also hold offline activity invitations, digital content, and real experience activities.

The rise of Yuanuniverse with the wave of blockchain

The meta universe integrates 5G, VR, AR, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge digital technologies, which will become the next stage of Internet development and the main battlefield of new generation information technology innovation and entrepreneurship. The Internet revolution has begun!

According to a research article on the underlying logic of PPC released by Yale University on the public social platform in 2021, the characteristics of PPC platform will be revealed, and PPC will be completely pushed to the peak of the boom. As a platform concerned by many international organizations, it not only represents the prosperity of the industry, but also shows the difference of the platform.

As the first DAC distributed shareholder management ecological token system in the world, PPC will be implemented on the chain, with the biggest feature of DAPP ecological construction. DAPP coin, pledge coin team incentive casting NFT, NFT Swap transactions are all part of DAPP ecological construction.

PPC, as the first DAC distributed shareholder management ecological token system in the world, will be implemented on the chain in an open and transparent manner. DEX will become a competitive dark horse. Let’s wait and see!

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