MissWeb3 Super Jackpot Pool May Face Stagnation as Blockchain Influencer Economy Beauty Chain Ignites Police Attention

The MissWeb3 campaign in full swing may have suffered a considerable setback. At around 13:30 local time on March 31, South Korean police took away two people from the scene of ETHWeekSeoul. One of them is Stinky Monk, also known as Charles Lee, the founder of $RCC & $ROMA and the initiator of the Miss Web3 beauty contest.

The South Korean police have yet to shed light on the incident, with one report stating that he was taken away for “obstructing the execution of official duties”. Other reports say he was assisting in investigating the massive 1,499 BTC prize pool at the Miss Web3 event.

The founder’s temporary loss of contact for unknown reasons and the suddenness of the incident seems to have brought the current Miss Web3 campaign to a standstill, and as the campaign’s first stop, the Seoul stop, once suspended, will create a great deal of uncertainty for the subsequent stops in Paris, London and Singapore.

Huge controversy over $700 million super prize pool

The Miss Web3 Beauty Contest is the hottest project in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. It aims to empower women in the Web3 field by combining the decentralized power of Web3 with the cultural power of cryptocurrencies, promoting the fusion of culture and technology.

As planned, Miss Web3’s first final will be held in Seoul, South Korea, in a novel format of digital currency voting, with the participation of 300 finalists, 2,000 live viewers, and more than 120 cryptocurrency, CEX, and DeFi projects.

The super prize pool of up to 1,499 BTC has caused an uproar in the market. According to the current price conversion, the competition involves a prize fund of more than 700 million yuan, and the number of radiant people is expected to reach 5.2 billion.

The Miss Web3 contest has reached its goal in the Korean market, with $RCC & $ROMA selling like hotcakes and being a remarkable success. However, the controversy surrounding the 1,499 BTC super prize pool has continued. The public has questioned the authenticity of the 1,499 BTC prize. At the same time, some voices have focused on the controversial topic of objectification in the digital age. There are concerns that this hot campaign will “move someone else’s cake”.

The fact that the police took away the founder has undoubtedly triggered more significant concern among the public. At present, the South Korean police have not provided any explanation, and the company has not responded to this incident, which has cast a shadow over the future of Miss Web3. Whether Miss Web3 can realize the 1,499 BTC prize pool or not is also the key to promoting the Roman chain and eliminating doubts. If the company fail to resolve the problem adequately, the competition and ceremony initially scheduled for April 7-8 appear not to be held. The issue is not only a major crisis to the market but also triggers volatility in the cryptocurrency market, and related investments and activities may be more cautious as a result.

$RCC&$ROMA, Super Marketing or Super Scam?

1499 BTC Super Bonus Pool Controversy, Crowned “Cyber Celebrity Chain”…… Along with the current bull market, Charles Lee and his Roman Chain Coin have become a complex combination of the digital age.

According to public information, $RCC&$ROMA is a technology innovation centred on focusing on developing the digital economy and blockchain technology and shaping a more intelligent, more connected, and more sustainable world. Technology-driven is its distinctive feature; through its technology, Roman Chain Coin introduces Roman Chain, a Layer-2 network based on Bitcoin, without the need for a trust pledge, constructs a new Proof of Stake Pledge Protocol (POS Pledge Protocol), and modularly solves the crypto-consensus layer problem of POS public chain.

While $RCC&$ROMA has some technical undertones, the Miss Web3 contest has stepped on the sensitive topic of women’s roles in the digital age. The Miss Web3 contest, which strives to empower women in Web3, has been met with stifling protests from the Web3 community as it moves forward, precisely because traditional beauty standards in this new blockchain-driven world are once again defining women.

The role of $RCC&$ROMA in promoting the development and application of blockchain technology is yet to be examined over time, and the blockchain and cryptocurrencies have set off a wide-ranging discussion around Miss Web3 and $RCC&$ROMA. This discussion is undoubtedly constructive, which makes the entire market more focused on the value of the technology to society and is significant for the healthy development of the industry.

This unexpected episode also reveals one of the major blockchain and cryptocurrency trends. For the Miss Web3 competition, the South Korean police took a prudent attitude. The development of cryptocurrencies is being looked squarely at by governments, which tend to pay closer attention to projects with high attention and controversy. Guiding standardized development has become a mainstream trend, and the current bullishness objectively reflects this trend. From this perspective, Charles Lee being taken away by the police for investigation is not bad, which may mean that the entire cryptocurrency market will usher in a future in which good money drives out bad money.

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