Explore UDEX: a decentralized trading platform led by innovation

Explore UDEX: a decentralized trading platform led by innovation

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has been booming and its market value has continued to grow, attracting a large number of investors and traders. According to the transaction data of Binance, the largest centralized exchange (CEX), derivatives transactions account for about 15% of the entire trading market , while on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), derivatives transactions accounted for only 3%. This shows that the decentralized derivatives market has huge growth potential. The lack of low fees, deep liquidity, and high leverage trading platforms has been a limiting factor in the decentralized space.

At the same time, with the collapse of FTX and the anticipation of regulators’ regulation of centralized exchanges (such as Binance most recently) looming, traders are starting to realize the disadvantages of traditional centralized exchanges. The migration of trading activities from CeFi to DeFi has gradually become a trend.

UDEX: Multi-chain DEX that supports launchpad

UDEX is a decentralized spot and derivatives exchange that supports multiple chains. Its main functions include spot, contract trading, Launchpad, etc. UDEX supports zero-slippage transactions to ensure users’ convenient trading experience. The Launchpad function of UDEX provides opportunities for high-quality projects to display and raise funds. We strictly screen and select only potential and feasible projects to go online to ensure that investors can participate in high-quality projects. Through Launchpad, investors can obtain tokens of popular projects in advance and enjoy the value growth brought about by the success of the project.

The advantages of UDEX’s product function 

1. Spot and contract transactions with low rate

The platform supports spot transactions of multiple currency pairs on the ETH chain. The initial trading pairs include UA-USDT, ETH-USDT, etc. The spot transaction fee is lower than the market average, and the transaction fee is used to repurchase the platform currency UA.

2. Targets the customers who prefers high leverage

UDEX provides 150X high leverage options to meet the needs of users with strong risk tolerance and expand market share. Through contract trading, users can flexibly respond to market fluctuations, seize more investment opportunities and risk management.

3. Innovative liquidity LP provides

The liquidity provider deposits its assets in the liquidity pool, obtains the LP certificate of the liquidity transaction, enjoys being the counterparty of the trader, and shares the counterparty income provided by the liquidity with the platform. In addition to obtaining LP certificates when staking LP, users will also obtain treasury compensation certificates, which can be used to obtain treasury compensation guarantees.

4. Treasury Insurance Payment Mechanism

In terms of transaction innovation, UDEX introduced the treasury insurance mechanism as a system to provide users with insurance compensation to deal with potential risks and losses. This mechanism establishes a treasury insurance pool dedicated to compensating users for losses suffered during transactions.

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Through powerful trading functions, pledge mechanism and treasury insurance mechanism, UDEX provides users with a comprehensive trading experience and risk management tools. Through high leverage and treasury insurance mechanism to quickly capture risk-appetizing and risk-sensitive users, UDEX stands out in DeFi and quickly gains market share. In the future, UDEX will continue to improve the performance and security of the trading system, and introduce more innovative functions and tools to meet the diverse trading needs of users.

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